A new name for our Community Platform

Bazinga! It has been almost a decade since we embarked on our journey to connect neighbours in condo-living environments, and fully digitize and streamline the workflows of new condo-living communities. Since then, our solutions have become “household” names – many thanks to each of you.

So why change our platform name to Tribe Home?

A brief history of bazinga! 

As a company we have grown. We’re not talking size, here. We’ve grown in our understanding of condo-living, how it is a complex network that includes residents, Councils/Boards, property managers, property developers, trades, landlords and service providers. We acquired a strata management company (Tribe Mgmt), a landlord property management tool (Pendo) and a rental and condo management company (Gateway) along the way. 

Our vision as Tribe is to change the way people experience community living, connect with their neighbours and interact with their homes. To do this, we need to simplify community living and all of the complexities around it. We are doing this by providing the most comprehensive suite of products and services for building and managing residential communities.

Tribe Home 

Earlier this year, we changed our corporate name from Bazinga! Technologies to Tribe Property Technologies. This name change was a step towards simplifying who we are and reducing the number of different product and company names under our umbrella. For us, our Tribe brand has always represented community – in fact, we define it as a community of people with shared interests, lifestyles and habits; a distinctive or close-knit bunch; a group of friends that becomes your family.

The move from bazinga! to Tribe Home supports our vision. Tribe Home is community in the palm of your hand. 

How does this affect you?  

While the name and logo will be changing to Tribe Home in the app, as a client, you won’t notice a lot of difference in terms of what the platform looks like or how you use it at this time. We wanted to keep things simple. 

Links to the login page will be redirected. Your bookmarks will continue to work (although we do suggest you refresh your bookmarks to our new URL at some point!).   

If you are working from the iPhone app, your bazinga app will continue as-is until you do an update, at which time it will refresh as Tribe Home, with all of your community and unit data. 

If you are working on the iPad Customer Care app, it will continue to look as-is until you do an update, at which time it will refresh as Tribe Home Pro. For users of our developer tools, you will note that once you are in the platform, Customer Care in the menu will now be called Home Pro Admin. 

Thank you  

We hope you continue to enjoy your experience. Thank you for being a part of our Tribe community. If you have any questions regarding Tribe Home (the platform) please contact Tribe Home Support at support@tribehome.com. If you require condo management assistance, please connect with your Manager or Council/Board. If you require Marketing materials please contact our VP of Marketing and Communications at jennifer.laidlaw@tribetech.com.